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Studio Policy

The Principal goal of my studio is to develop the musical potential of each student through regular instruction with a balance of emphasis in repertoire, technique, and theory.




The studio’s academic year consists of a Fall semester (September-December), a Spring Semester (January-June), and a six weeks Summer session. (Please see Summerlin Piano Studio 2019 Calendar for details)




30 min. session   $40

45 min. session  $55


All monthly tuition payments are due on the first week of each month. No statements will be sent. There is a $20 late fee if payment not received by the 15th of the month.


Missed Lessons

 Each scheduled lesson time is reserved exclusively for the student. If there is a prearranged vacation or school event, parents should notify the teacher in the beginning of the month. The lesson could be exchanged with other students or could be made up later.  There is a 48 hour notice requirement prior to the lesson if the student is sick.

If there is no notification in advance, the tuition will not be refunded. 


Termination of Lessons

One month notice is required if there is a need of termination of lessons.



Students who are adequately prepared are encouraged to participate in these activities. This decision will be made jointly by the teacher, the student, and the parents.

You are very welcome to call me to discuss your child’s progress at anytime.

Steinway & Sons National Piano Competition

Kellie Chung (age 7), 1st place winner ( group 6--9 years old), Steinway & Sons Piano Competition in Las Vegas.

Jazz Festival winners

Kellie Chung      Jazz Festival Honor Award  9/29/2018
Zoe Kong          Jazz Festival Honor Award  9/29/2018
Kaley Cleveland   Jazz Festival Honor Award  9/29/18
Samantha Zoll     Jazz Festival Honor Award   9/29/18
Jolie Li          Jazz Festival Honor Award   9/29/18

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