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             Juliana Kuo, a five time award winning music educator form Virginia, graduated with honors from National Taiwan Normal University which has one of the best music departments in Taiwan. She immigrated to the USA in 1986 and studied piano at George Mason University with the late Elvin Schmitt and Julliard graduate prodigy Edward Newman. Ms. Kuo received her master’s degree from Mason in 1995, where she served as a Teaching Assistant and Piano Instructor from 1990-1997. Since then, she has been a tireless advocate of GMU and its faithful alumnus.  One of her student’s father’s donations resulted in the Melton Music Teaching Scholarship ($180,000), the first large scholarship for the music department, it provided 30 scholarships to deserving students from 1999-2002.  Ms. Kuo then served as a director of GMU Alumni Board from 1998-2000. During that term she was recipient of the GMU Alumni Service Award in 1999.


              In 2004, Ms. Kuo and several Alumni served as a Steering Committee for the new College of Visual and Performing Arts Alumni Chapter. They received nearly 3,000 members, and have designed many activities for the alumni of the CVPA each year in Mason.  In 2005, she joined Friends of Music as a steering board member for Mason, and this non-profit organization under CVPA has raised millions dollars for the School of Music resulting in new facilities and a building which is now an all-Steinway Pianos School.


               Ms. Kuo has served as an Executive Officer of the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association since 1993 and is a tenuous Nationally Certified piano teacher in Fairfax. She has chaired many Festivals and Competitions for NVMTA. Ms. Kuo has been teaching piano for over 30 years and many of her students are winners of local, state, and international level competitions. Most of the students who studied under Ms. Kuo took piano lessons until they graduated high school. These elite students went to prestigious colleges like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cornell, Duke, Carnegie Melon, and UVA. Many of them have become professors, medical doctors, computer engineers, and piano teachers.

Biography of Juliana Kuo
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