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2012 Senior and Alumni Reflection


Catherine Fu
VA Governor’s School
University of Virginia
$25,000 Scholarship for 2012-2013
$800 Helen Healy Scholarship
$500 Grandioso Award from CVHS Orchestra

Senior Words from Catherine Fu


Music is something that’s all around us. We hear it on television, in restaurants, and even in elevators. Music replaces silence; it sets a mood and expresses emotions. To me, music is not something that should simply be played—it should be told. A score of music is no different than a script for a play. In a play, it is the actor’s profession to take the words and actions from the paper and channel them to tell a story. This duty is analogous to that of a musician’s; it’s our job to take a set of notes and symbols and interpret them as a way of sharing tales and emotions that transcends any language barrier.


My relationship with the piano and my passion for music began when I was in first grade. I didn’t know much about the piano, but I fell in love with it the moment my fingers glided across the beautiful white and black keys. I remember practicing diligently for hours on my 54-key keyboard when I first started lessons, hoping to perfect the assigned pieces right away. As my repertoire became more difficult, I found myself impatient and slamming the keys with frustration. There will be days when practicing for hours seems to go nowhere, but I discovered that in the end, perseverance and patience will produce a sense of satisfaction that is both incredible and fulfilling.


These past few years with Mrs. Juliana have been remarkable. Before I met her, I had strictly played and performed classical music, but once I entered Mrs. Juliana’s studio, she exposed me to several different genres of music, which made playing piano even more enjoyable and entertaining. She has given me considerable freedom in the selection of music and has molded me into a well-rounded and mature pianist. It has been a great privilege to study music with her. Many thanks to Mrs. Juliana for always being supportive and caring, and my family and friends for always encouraging me to keep playing the piano and for always believing in me.


Many of my friends wish they had continued piano and regret quitting. I strongly encourage you to keep playing piano for the rest of your life, even if you do not intend to pursue music professionally. The piano isn’t just an inanimate object; it is also a friend and a sibling. The piano will accompany you through the ups and downs of life and help you express your most heart-felt feelings. Playing the piano is a never ending journey and adventure. You will, without a doubt, find new reasons to appreciate and to cherish the instrument even more throughout your life.

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